MongoDB Is Capped Collection

MongoDB Is Capped Collection

In MongoDB, the isCapped operation is used to check if a collection is a capped collection. This method is essential for verifying the nature of collections within MongoDB.



The isCapped method does not take any parameters and returns a boolean value indicating whether the collection is capped.

Example MongoDB Is Capped Collection

Let's look at an example of how to use the isCapped method in the programGuru collection in MongoDB:

1. Check if a Collection is Capped


This command checks if the programGuru collection is a capped collection and returns a boolean value.

Full Example

Let's go through a complete example that includes switching to a database, creating a capped collection, and checking if the collection is capped.

Step 1: Switch to a Database

This step involves switching to a database named myDatabase.

use myDatabase

In this example, we switch to the myDatabase database.

MongoDB Is Capped Collection

Step 2: Create a Capped Collection

This step involves creating a new capped collection named programGuru in the myDatabase database.

db.createCollection("programGuru", { capped: true, size: 5242880, max: 5000 })

Here, we create a capped collection named programGuru with a maximum size of 5MB and a maximum of 5000 documents.

MongoDB Is Capped Collection

Step 3: Insert Documents into the Collection

This step involves inserting documents into the capped programGuru collection.

    { name: "John Doe", age: 30, email: "" },
    { name: "Jane Smith", age: 25, email: "" },
    { name: "Jim Brown", age: 35, email: "" }

We insert multiple documents into the capped programGuru collection.

MongoDB Is Capped Collection

Step 4: Check if the Collection is Capped

This step involves using the isCapped method to check if the programGuru collection is capped.


We check if the programGuru collection is capped, which returns a boolean value.

MongoDB Is Capped Collection


The MongoDB isCapped operation is crucial for verifying whether a collection is capped. Understanding how to use this method allows you to efficiently manage and understand the nature of your MongoDB collections.